Prizes and Awards


First Prize - March 2018
Mid to Long term outcomes of The Avon Patellofemoral Joint Replacement, BASK


First Prize - Oct 2015
Validation of the AH of LM as arthroscopic landmark for anatomic tibial tunnel.
South West Peninsula Deanery Orthopaedic Science Creativity & Research awards.


First Prize - May 2015
Characterisation of anterolateral ligament in cadavers and MRISWOC


First Prize - Jan 2013
Kinematic aligned TKA demonstrates superior results to mechanically aligned TKA in the short term. Podium presentation 7th Orthopaedic & Trauma Update, France


First prize - June 2011
Anterior horn of lateral meniscus as a guide to anatomic tibial tunnel placement in ACL reconstruction. Indian Orthopaedic Association, UK


Second Prize - June 2010
Bone marrow oedema in asymptomatic athletes. Indian Orthopaedic Association, UK


Best Paper Prize - Oct 2007
A perfect tibial tunnel for ACL reconstruction from a nearly perfect guide wire
Sports Knee Surgery 2007 meeting, Warwick


Best paper prize - Sep 2007
Arthroscopy in treatment of painful Unicompartmental knee replacement
South Thames meeting, Swindon


AO UK Research Prize (Nominee) - Nov 2003
Natural history of bone bruising of the knee. AO UK


ROGER MANN award (Nominee) - June 2003
NSAIDs in Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain in Non-Athletic Patients
American Foot and Ankle Society, North Carolina, USA


First prize – Annual Wessex Trainee Competition March 2002 Portsmouth


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prizes and awards

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The Exeter Knee Reconstruction Unit (EKRU) is a team of specialist knee surgeons based in Exeter, UK

Our outcomes are all publicly available through the National Joint Registry and My Surgeon Outcomes