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Exeter Chiefs Lead Physiotherapist: “Mr Mandalia's treatment gives excellent results, our players with knee injury treated by Mr Mandalia have managed to reach or improve their pre-injury level of function. He is meticulous, compassionate and also clearly passionate about his work. We couldn't ask for more, and I wouldn't send any of my players with knee injuries anywhere else”.

Jamie Fulton


Total Knee Replacement

I am writing to thank you, most sincerely for my successful knee replacement, performed by you. There is no pain and I am completely mobile, a situation I have not enjoyed for the last five years. You really are a very talented surgeon and I am very grateful to you.

D Saunders

Total Knee Replacement in a young patient

A big thank you for performing my knee replacement, I now have my life back.

T Burke

Total Knee Replacement in a keen golfer

After fifteen years plus of suffering with pain in my left knee, I was referred to your orthopaedic clinic. You talked me through the operation and I decided to go ahead with the operation. I was a bit apprehensive being a keen golfer and full allotment holder and thought that I might have to give both up.

Six weeks after my operation, I was back on the practice ground and hitting golf balls again. After eight weeks I was playing nine holes, three times a week and after eleven weeks I was back playing eighteen holes three times per week. I was back working on my allotment and all this with no pain in my knee at all. I can not thank you enough for everything that you have done for me.

B Butler

Complex patellar alignment and ligament stabilisation (in a case of knee cap pain and patellar dislocation)

I am writing to express my thanks and gratitude at the wonderful result of my knee surgery.

Since having the tibial osteotomy and ligament reconstruction in my right knee I am very happily pain free and free of all the grating and cracking noises! It is also fantastic to have a stable knee and trust that it is not going to give out from underneath me.

This is just a big thank you for my lovely new knee. I appreciate all the work, efforts and skill that has gone into it.

As you are aware I have had problems with my knees since childhood and after becoming so acute I am so relieved that for the first time in over twenty years I have had a long term solution to the problem.

I look forward to seeing you next spring to have my left knee corrected.

K Barlow

Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

I feel I must write to thank you for the amazing job you have done on my knees, At last, I feel life might be worth living again.

I am so grateful for your kindness in fitting me in ahead of schedule and for breaking in to your holiday to do so.

Thanks must also go to the rest of your team and of course for the care of the nursing staff and physios. Thank you again.

J Coupe

Bilateral total knee replacement

First I write to thank you and your team for the excellent treatment I have received from you during the past year or so. For the past ten years I have been increasingly suffering from pain in my knee joints. It got to the point where to walk down hill in particular was unbearable.

In spite of their state, Mr. Mandalia, the specialist at The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, decided to treat one at a time, six months apart, this proved to be a wise decision. I am sure the healing prcess benefited greatly by this action.

My advice to anyone contemplating having a knee replacement is to go for it. It has given me a new lease of life. Do not be silly and try to do too much too quickly. No kneeling, for example, take care of your new joints and enjoy your new freedom from pain.

T Beard

Total Knee Replacement

Thank you so much for my “ knee replacement”. You area a wonderful surgeon. I salute to you and your team.

P Cave

Compartment release in chronic compartment syndrome ( release tight structures in exercise induced leg pain)

I could not run more than a few hundred meters before experiencing a “locking down“ on my calves. There was intense pressure akin to a tourniquet or golf ball type localised pressure, with the whole calf feeling extremely tight.

My operation involved release of compartments on the both legs. I started jogging approximately four weeks post operation and completed the Cuillin Ridge ( isle of skye, approx 4000 meter of ascent and 11 climbs) three weeks after that. In terms of training, within a couple of months I was back running between 24 – 30 miles a week and cycling 100 + miles a week. My typical gym session will see me do 12 km’s on the  cross-trianer followed by a 12 km run, this is done between three to give time a week.

For me the operation has been a  complete success, without the operation I would not have been able to continue running, thank you Mr. Mandalia, your efforts are very much appreciated.

W Pringle

Key hole surgery (arthroscopy) for painful knee replacement

Please accept my thanks for the microsurgery you carried out on my knee. Following this surgery, I am now able to walk at a good pace and can crouch down, bend and use the stairs both up and down without any pain. My now knee feels stable and I am feeling very comfortable with it.

 If I had to give you marks out of 100 it would be 98.

A Willis

Patellofemoral ( Knee cap ) replacement

Thank you so much for my new knee. For the first time in a year, I feel like me again. I am walking my dogs, I am driving my kids about, I am sleeping, I am walking to the end of my village to see friends, just because I can again. I am smiling and laughing and not moaning. I feel positive about the life again. Thank you for all of that.

C Ayres

Lateral Release ( Release of tight band of the knee cap)

I am writing to take the opportunity to thank you so much for treating my knee over the past year.

Before the arthroscopy I was finding it very difficult and was struggling with day to day things such as sitting, sleeping, walking and going up and down the stairsetc. Having the arthroscopy has made a significant  difference and I am no longer experiencing any problems and I am happy to say that evertything has returned to normal. My knee is painfree and I am enjoying being able to return to my hobbies which include walking.

Once again, thank you for everything you have done. It truly has made a difference."

L Grant.

ACL Reconstruction

My left ACL ligament rupture had led to a complete lack of confidence and stability in the knee. I had ceased all forms of active sports as well as all refereeing and coaching activities and had gained weight and lost fitness.

You decided that the ACL reconstruction was the best option. In preparation for the operation, I worked hard to re-establish good muscle tone as you advised and had the operation in June 2010.

I went back to refereeing and cricket and have now made a complete recovery.  I can not overstate the difference that it has made to me in terms of confidence in my knee and the resultant increase in general activity. I have lost the weight I gained and am back on the road to full general fitness.

I would like to thank you and your team, especially the physiotherapy department for the work on my knee and rehabilitation. there is no doubt in my mind that preparing for the operation  and working regularly with the physiotherapists afterwards have been major factors in the dramatic improvement in my knee and consequential quality of life. I am sure a skilled surgeon also played a big part!

C Ewen

Medial Unicompartmental Knee Replacement (partial knee replacement )

Thanks to Mr. Mandalia and all the nursing staff who looked after me so well during my stay in hospital. Having never been hospital for an operation before, I wondered how it would be. What I was amazed at how all of the departments worked like a " well - oiled machine " and sometimes under quite a lof of pressure on staff.

The partial knee replacement has been wonderfully successful and now, for the first time in some years, I am completely free of pain.

D Lane

Bilateral simultaneous total knee replacement

For many years I suffered with chronic knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. It gradually crept up on me, not being able to walk very far before having to sit down, keeping me awake at night times, difficulty getting in and out of the car and from rising when sat and having to sit down to do household chores.

I went to see Mr. Mandalia who agreed to do knee replacements on both sides.

Ten days after the operation I did not use the crutches. 6 weeks after the operation I was back driving and swimming. In just over 2 months I was back to work.

I remember one day I was walking in Exeter High street and it suddenly came to me how I was taking my new knees for granted so quickly. I could walk as far as I wanted, pain free, just like I used to and my gait was very much improved. It felt like a whole new lease of life. It was an amazing feeling !

I am so grateful to Mr. Mandalia for his brilliant surgery and should I ever need his expertise again I would not hesitate to ask for him personally.

P Follett

Patient specific Knee Replacement - Skiing

Here is the promised photo of me skiing this month in the South German Alps. All my weight is on the downhill ski which dictates the course & direction i.e. on my new left knee 9 month old! It was better than my original right knee and no problems. I avoided black run. The skiing and pre-skiing exercises have strengthened my left knee. Thank you so much.

L Cooper

Patient specific MRI based Knee Replacement

I would like to say a big thank you to you for your skill and expertsie and to your staff for their care and professionalism.

I cannot believe how painless I found the procedure to be both post operatively and the days afterwards.

My wife had two total knee replacements two years ago, and warned me what to expect, but my experience was totally different to hers. Whether it is because you used the Stryker knee replacement on me and she had the former prosthesis I cannot say.

It is eight weeks since my operation and I am continuing to be pain free, and am now walking withnout any aids and back driving my car and resuming my usual daily routines, including the exercises suggested by the booklet and the physios.

Once again thank you very much to all your team.

B W Clover

Trochleoplasty ( reshaping of bone under the knee cap)

I am 23 and had been suffering with repeated dislocations of my knee cap in my right leg. I am writing this to tell you that you do not have to live with it. Before Mr Mandalia reshaped the bone under my knee cap, I couldn't risk playing sports and it affected what work I could do as turning while lifting would make my knee lock up or worse. When I was offered surgery I was afraid but I decided to give it a go because I didn't want to live a prisoner of a knee deformity for my whole life. the recovery period wasn't easy but the long term benefits have proven to be well worth it.

I have not had my knee lock up or go out of joint since the operation I have played in a football tournament and am now an avid gym user who is in training for a triathlon. The surgery has given me the ability to have a far richer and more fulfilling life. I am going to be starting a course in becoming a personal trainer which would have been totally out of the question before. All I can say about the surgery is that I have found it to be very worth while and would like to thank Mr Mandalia and all the staff involved in my treatment.

D Pledger

Total Knee Replacement in a very stiff knee.

I cannot thank you enough for the gift of movement you have given me and the pain you have taken away. My heartfelt thanks & prayers.

P Morrell

Bilateral meniscal allograft transplant

Thank you for everything you have done for me. There are no words to describe how grateful I am!

J Blair

Bilateral Ligament Preserving Bicompartmental Knee Replacement

I must report that they are both living up to all expectations. The left knee survived  cross-country skiing after nine weeks, and the right knee has now been tested during a walking holiday in Switzerland, when it was in use daily for at least 4 hours per day, walking both up and down the mountain trails.

Several walks on Dartmoor and Exmoor, which had not been possible for  some years before the operations, and ranging from 7-10 miles were covered uneventfully. 

I really must give my thanks to Mr. Mandalia for giving me my life back in terms of mobility.

J Woodham

Repair of ruptured patella tendon

I am writing to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful job you did repairing my ligamentum patellae 9 weeks ago.

The scar seems remarkably good and so far I have regained 110 degrees plus of flexion, am using my exercise bike comfortably.

I want you to know how impressed I am with what you achieved for me, and to thank you.

M Whitaker

High Tibial Osteotomy ( Limb realignment surgery) 

Thank you again for performing my upper tibial osteotomy and enabling me to experience a new lease of life.

Now, ten months on, I can honestly say that I am able to walk distances and undertake tasks that I had been incapable of doing for at least 6 years.

The quality of life that is reclaimed is incredible. Prior to operation I would be in significant pain throughout, unable to walk my dog or undertake any similar activities because of incapacity and pain. I was taking string co-codamol 4 times a day every day.

Since recovering from the procedure and returning to work I have far greater strength in that leg and no longer suffer from knee pain, and therefore have no need to take pain relief at all.

Thank you for your kindness and willingness to explain everything to my understanding and for the confidence you instilled in me to undergo the procedure.

T Wilson

Lateral meniscal transplant

Prior to meniscal transplant I had had six knee operations to attempt to rectify my ongoing problems. The lack of cartilage had many knock on effects, including back pain from overcompensating on my good leg. I was on heavy painkillers which heavily impacted my life and lifestyle. I was not able to walk at all without a great deal of pain.

Following on from Meniscal Transplant my lifestyle has returned to normal. I am able to work fully in my job, drive comfortable and function on a day to day basis. It is no exaggeration to say that prior to surgery I would happily have stayed in bed / immobile the whole day to avoid the pain from walking. But the surgery has changed my life and I can properly function on a day to day basis, a thought prior to surgery that seemed very distant.

T Welsh