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Invited Faculty Presentations

The Stryker Webinar - 15 Oct 2020
Meniscus repair symposium – Moderator


The Unicompartmental Knee Replacement Webinar, LIMA - 14 Oct 2020
Day Case Unicompartmental Knee replacement


The Arthrex Webinar - 30 Sept 2020
Bone Marrow Lesions – It is not all about the cartilage


THE BIOS Webinar -13 Sep 2020
Patellar Instability


The South West Unicompartmental Arthroplasty Meeting - Mar 2020
ACL in Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty
Unicompartmental Arthroplasty – How I do it


Advanced Arthroscopic Knee, BOSTAA, London -16-17 Jan 2020
MCL Reconstruction – 10 top tips


1st Annual Meeting of British Patellofemoral Society - 8 Jan 2020
MAKO Robotic Assisted Patellofemoral Replacement – Early Experience


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Poster Presentations


BASK, Brighton, 26-27 March 2019
Mid Term results for medial patello-femoral ligament reconstruction (MPFL) utilising “V” shaped patella tunnel technique
Andrel Young, Riaz Ahmed, Ciaran Doherty, Stefan Bajada, Peter Schranz, Vipul Mandalia


BASK, Brighton 26-27 March 2019
Early experience of Robotic assisted UKR: outcomes and implant positioning
Andrew Cattell, Veenesh Selvaratnam, Keith Eyres, Vipul Mandalia, Jon Phillips, Andrew Toms


BASK, Brighton, 26-27 March 2019
Early experience of Robotic Assisted Patello-femoral Arthroplasty: Correlation of preop planning and intra op implant position
Veenesh Selvaratnam, Andrew Cattell, Keith Eyres, Andrew Toms, Vipul Mandalia


BASK 19-20 March 2018
The fixed bearing Stryker Triathlon Partial Knee Replacement – A Multi-surgeon, single center cohort Study with mean follow up of 4.5 years
Middleton S, Mandalia V, Schranz P, Toms A


BASK 19-20 March 2018
Coronal Alignment in Kinematic Total Knee Arthroplasty – The 4 year results of the outliers
Keeling P, Mandalia V, Toms A


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